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Camera360 Among Top Two Best-Rated Apps

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It's December 15th and it's time to take a look at the Windows Phone Store to see which apps are popular. Instagram, Facebook, Kik Messenger, Pandora, and 6snap. These are the top-five free apps currently in the Windows Phone Store. In the top-paid category, we see GPS Voice Navigation, SuperPhoto, facebook, Switch to iOS, and MoliPlayer Pro.

Instagram, which rolled out a Beta version of their Windows Phone 8 app, is still the top free app in the Windows Phone Store. This highly anticipated app has bumped Facebook down to second place for a third week in a row. 6snap, the unofficial Snapchat app, is in fifth place. The official Vine app remains in seventh place while Mint, a highly anticipated banking app, remains in the eight place spot in the top-free list.

In the New+Rising category, Microsoft's very own Socl app, which the company released on the 9th of December, is at the top of the list. The Mint app is also at the top of the list, coming in at second place.

In the Top Paid category, GPS Voice Navigation remains the top paid app in the Windows Phone Store. This app provides turn-by-turn voice driving navigation with a choice of three map and routing providers. These providers are Google, Bing, or MapQuest. An app called SuperPhoto is in second place in the top-paid list, and seems to be a hybrid between a camera app and an instagram app. SuperPhoto allows you to add tons of amazing effects into your photos and helps you turn your photos into "amazing art pieces with just one click."

Interestingly enough, there is a paid app in the Windows Phone Store called "Facebook." No, this is not the official Facebook app that Microsoft develops and offers for free. This paid app runs for $0.99 and has had nearly 400 positive reviews. Interestingly enough, this app is ranked third place in the top-paid list. Surprisingly, Microsoft or Facebook have yet to take down this app.

In the Best Rated category, Flixter and Camera 360 are the top two apps. Flixter lets you watch movie trailers, find showtimes, and get critic reviews. Camera 360 features six camera modes, with unique themes for each photo scene. The modes include Auto, Portrait, Scenery, Food, Night, and Microspur. You can also join two photos together using Double Exposure and add a variety of special effects with live previews so you can see them in action before saving the picture.

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