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EasyParcel is a web-based parcel consolidator and E-commerce shipping solutions provider.


Efinix's patented Quantum Programmable Technology addresses the needs of high-volume, low-power, and small form-factor products for applications in custom logic, computing acceleration, and deep learning.?

Eko Communications

Eko is developer of tools that unlock the full potential of mobile in the workplace.? Unlike other mobile messaging applications intended for personal use that place an emphasis on social and entertainment features, Eko is specifically designed for workplace communications


Elvdou is a platform that provide users with interior design and home improvement services


Entrak provides multi-award winning energy and smart lighting solutions that create the perfect energy management system and optimization solutions for businesses and schools.?


Etobee is a mobile marketplace that connects logistics companies to its customers.


Evbuy is a platform that allows users to buy or rent electric vehicles. They also provide advice on new energy vehicles and tech.

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