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Qcds is a platform that provide professional consultation on car problems and dispatches mechanics to users.?


QooApp is a professional platform specializing in Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) culture. Their goal is to unite ACG fans worldwide and support the community.?


Qraved is Indonesia’s fastest growing & leading food discovery service solving the timeless question of "what's for dinner?" Qraved provides a full stack solution bringing content (curated articles), community (reviews) and commerce (reservations and discounts) together through web and mobile apps.


Founded in 2012, Quanzhouyinxiang is an online-to-offline (O2O) lifestyle e-commerce platform that provides order and delivery services for its Korean cuisines through the company’s website and mobile app.


Qupital is a Hong Kong-based startup that address cash flow issues for SMEs, offering these small businesses the option of taking a loan and its platform matches this need with investors with the promise of a return.

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