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Yaxing is the largest provider of automotive air-conditioning systems in China, working with globally leading auto makers including Volkswagen, Audi, and Mazda, as well as local brands such as BYD, Great Wall, and Chang’an Motors.


YEECHOO is Asia’s leading online rental platform for fashion apparel and accessories. Based in Hong Kong, it currently serves the local market with expansion plans to Indonesia and eventually other markets in Asia.?


Yododo has developed into one of China’s leading booking platform for travellers by sharing the latest information, itineraries and travel strategies.


YouthsToday is a social platform help organizations engage with youth and make a difference. The mission is to fund, educate and support students and young professionals by turning their ideas into successful projects.

Yoyi Digital

Yoyi Digital is a programmatic buying platform dedicated to delivering the most effective data-driven digital advertising and to empower customers to reach their desired audiences at scale.

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